Brennie Brackett

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Brennie Brackett

"With every new work comes a progression and a maturation that reflect the changes in my life--where I have come from, where I am today and where I'm headed in the future."

Like the best art in any genre, the best still life combines an aesthetic vision with a mastery of the medium. But the still life artist must surmount the accusation of being  nothing more than an artless imitator!  The still life artist must transcend subject, medium and genre, adding something extra to the conversation with punch and originality.

Brennie believes so fully in the power of still life to transport viewers beyond the static surface of the painting and into her world. Her images are strong, touch us and tell a powerful story. One feels the artist's introspection and reflection.

Her control of the pastel medium extends to every challenge of representational painting: the depiction of form, the subtle shadings of light and color, and the rendering of surface textures, translucencies and fine details. Brennie's paintings are wonders of beautifully modulated  light, sumptuous color and a vast wealth of visual information. She invites her viewers to immerse themselves into her works and to form their own interpretation.

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