Christine Lafuente

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SUNFLOWERS IN URN PAIRS and BOTTLE Carmel MORNING FOG and SHORELINE OCEAN SUMMER AFTERNOON IRIS JARS and STRAWBERRY 12x12 Manset Pier, Evening Harbor with Black and Red Sailboat 8x8 Snowy Backyard 10x8 Ocean from Harbor Point 8x10 Red Globe Grapes and Rose 10x10 Lemons Ranunculus and Bottles Fishing Docks of Arcadia Daffodils and Jars 9x12 Daffodils and Blue Bowl 12x9 Boat 9x12 Fishermans Dock 12x12

Christine Lafuente



Cezanne wrote, “Light is a thing that cannot be reproduced, but must be represented by something else - by color.” Christine’s way of seeing the color harmony and color feeling is remarkable. With thickly applied paint and vigorous brush strokes she creates paintings of light. Her paintings are made completely from observation in one sitting - alla prima. Her work is as much about intimacy and the creative act, as they are about the mysterious way light can elevate the ordinary. The objects she paints are both visually engaging and imbued with personal meaning.

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