Orfeo Fabri

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Orfeo Fabri

The Artist's life ia a Manifestation of their own destiny. It is essential for commitment, one must be daring to have resolutions.

My work is about isolation, alienation, and the beauty of innocence is my themes that I frequently visit. With beauty there is always the opposite,
sometimes my work can be haunting. I am an abstract figurative painter-I use the human figure and flowers for my subjects. I work on my 
canvas with Oil, paper, and acrylics (collage), and mixed-media including cold wax with oil paint (encaustic) on board.

My work is neither abstract nor representational; my subjects can be from memory and be in places that have been abandoned. With the juxtaposition of painting styles, placement of figures in their environment, one wonders if my figures are fact or fiction.

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