Sharon Chastain

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Sharon Chastain

An avid Master Gardener, Sharon Chastain often turns to the natural world for inspiration.  The current series of bird nest paintings began when a storm blew down a cardinal's nest in her expansive garden.  She considers the tiny nests to be ephemeral works of art and tries to capture their architecture and materials ranging from twigs and grass to feathers and newspaper.

In recent years, she has been accepted into a number of regional and national juried exhibitions and has won numerous awards.

Art and the making of art are woven into the fabric of Sharon’s life. From the time she was in grade school, she was enrolled in art classes.  As a teenager she had a studio instead of a bedroom. Sharon earned a B.F.A. in Design at the University of Oklahoma and a Master of Humanities at the University of Dallas with a focus on art history and literature.    

She has had several art-related careers including:  graphic designer in Dallas,  museum educator at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth, registrar for Intercultura, and  consultant for the Crow Collection in Dallas. Whenever she returned to the easel she found her painting style had been informed and transformed.  She has finally arrived at a time in her life when she can focus on painting.

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